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The sigmoid colon has the highest intraluminal pressure and the narrowest caliber, it is therefore the most common site of diverticula formation 8. Diverticulitis is the result of obstruction of the neck of the diverticulum, with subsequent inflammation, perforation, and infection 2. Try the same on the left kidney, but is seldom palpable. Costovertebral angle tenderness CVA tenderness With patient seated upright, place palm of left hand over each costovertebral angle. Strike back of left hand with ulnar surface of right fist. 26/11/2019 · The palpable abdominal organs include the liver, caecum, sigmoid colon, and, sometimes, the transverse colon and stomach. Enlarged kidneys, gall bladder, spleen, and aortic masses might be palpable as well. Figure 1 3. Liver palpation. The lower edge of the liver can be palpable on inspiration about 3 cm below the right rib cage.

Attention should be paid to palpable endoluminal abnormalities polyps, tumors, foreign objects as well as to extraluminal appearances. Male patients can also undergo a prostate check. An assessment of sphincter tonus as well as any noticeable discomfort during the examination inflammation, fissures should be included in the palpation findings. A distended colon is a colon that has become greatly enlarged in size, giving rise to the alternate name of megacolon. Several factors can cause a distended colon, such as an intestinal obstruction in which the intestines become physically blocked and the surrounding tissue balloons outward as digestive contents continue to accumulate.

Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr. Patel on is a palpable lump in the side a known symptom of colon cancer: If you have noted a lump that was not there before or has increased in size, get it properly evaluated. It may be colon cancer or any other intrabdominal or abdominal wall tumor or merely a hernia or abscess. The descending colon connects the sigmoid colon to the splenic flexure. The majority of people also have a little empty space in the abdominal cavity around the descending colon. The colon carries more toxic material than any other eliminative system, combines waste products from metabolism and undigested foods. Sigmoid colon pain can be a sign of an underlying health condition that needs medical attention, so it should not be ignored. Here we look at what the sigmoid colon. lower quadrant, or occasionally a tender palpable loop of sigmoid colon, often is appreciated on physical examina-tion. these nonspecific symptoms overlap considerably with those of irritable bowel syndrome; disorders of inhibitory control of neuromuscular function may play a role in the development of both diseases.7 pathogeneSiS.

The sigmoid colon is the part of the large intestine after the descending colon and before the rectum. The name sigmoid means S-shaped see sigmoid. The walls of the sigmoid colon are muscular, and contract to increase the pressure inside the colon, causing the stool to move into the rectum.

Polyps may be sessile or pedunculated and vary considerably in size. Incidence of polyps ranges from 7 to 50%; the higher figure includes very small polyps usually hyperplastic polyps or adenomas found at autopsy. Polyps, often multiple, occur most commonly in the rectum and sigmoid and decrease in frequency toward the cecum.

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